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Project Objectives Cheatsheet

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Project Objectives Cheatsheet

Cherry Jeffs

These are difficult times for us all so I'll leave you to decide what to pay. Take it for free if you need to. Help me keep creating by contributing something if you can 😄

Stop wasting precious time!

Are you - like me - the sort of person that jumps into a new project with both feet and not a lot of planning?

This approach doesn’t always serve us well. We can spend a lot of time doing great stuff only to find a few weeks down the line that it’s irrelevant great stuff!

Use this Project Objectives Cheatsheet to help you quickly set clear objectives for any creative project - even your artwork - so that you:

  • have a coherent overall vision for your project
  • stop wasting time on unnecessary actions
  • know exactly what to prioritise at every stage

Also includes 4 page PDF of the original post describing the process for setting objectives: How to Effectively Manage Projects & Keep Your Creative Mojo and a coaching voucher worth £20!

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1 page PDF cheatsheet, 4 page PDF article, coaching voucher worth £20.

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