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Grow Wings 4-in-1 Articulated Paper Doll Kit

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Grow Wings 4-in-1 Articulated Paper Doll Kit

Cherry Jeffs

Let your imagination take flight with this 4-in-1 Articulated Doll Kit

Lovingly crafted, high resolution 8 Page PDF containing:

  • 1 Printable doll
  • 3 sets of interchangeable wings
  • Colouring page - doubles up as a customisable doll template

My paper doll kits are created from art dolls that I’ve hand drawn, cut out and assembled myself.

By a combination of carefully scanning the original and digital drawing, I’ve made a doll that closely resembles the original, but that you can print and make at home.

Includes: full instructions for how to assemble the doll and create your own customised wing designs.

Enjoy the flight!

This item is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, no physical product will be posted to you in the mail

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You'll get an 8 Page High Res Printable Doll Kit (PDF)

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8 pages
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